Data Laundry have developed solutions for marketers that allow you to leverage the power of the data
you have, and enhance it by providing unique characteristics about your customers.

Create Strong Connections to Customers

Data Cleanse and Validate, Enhanced Profiles, Best Targets, Scoring and Attribution.

Data Cleanse

Data Laundry has the ability to take data from your digital touch-points and clean it so it arrives in your data warehouse, CRM or customer data profile (CDP), formatted, standardized and ready to leverage across your marketing function.

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Designed for email marketers, Data Laundry cleanse and validation solution is designed to stop fraudulent accounts, keep and enhance your sender reputation.

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Best Target

Marketing budgets are not infinite. Knowing where to target your efforts will delivering a
stronger ROMI. We help you pinpoint which are your best prospects.

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Scoring & Attribution

Data Laundry has a range of Scoring and Appending products for B2B and B2C that supports advanced targeting and delivers stronger ROMI.

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Customer Engagement solutions for Retail

Personalised Engagement, Next Best Action and Single Customer View.

Retail Data Model

A comprehensive retail data model which includes any attribute needed for targeted campaign selections and segmentation, driving more personalized engagement.

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Single Customer View

Create a single customer view leveraging history and touchpoints so retail marketers can now create a unified, accurate and accessible view of the customer leveraging various data sources and types.

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Omni-Channel Orchestration

With Pre-configured marketing channels, retail marketers have turnkey access to email, SMS, website, social, and direct mail channels to deliver omnichannel orchestrated campaigns

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Real Time Decisions Reporting, Models

Retailers can easily manage strategies for delivering dynamic and contextual content to inbound channels such as web pages and landing pages. Real-time decisions capabilities enable retail marketers to conduct A/B/n testing and goal-based optimization tactics, capture customer preferences and determine how to react in real-time based on anonymous and known customer profiles.

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Retail Campaign Templates

Leverage deep retail industry experience with out of the box retail campaign templates such as welcome campaigns, newsletters, cross-sell campaigns, and retention campaigns that will increase opens, clicks, and conversions.

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Value Creation

We help you manage change, identify opportunities, and uncover gaps.