It seems a day does not pass with an escalation in the spread of the Covid19. The impact that this is having on the world is staggering, with markets plunging, businesses struggling, particularly airlines and hotels as people avoid travel.

At Data Laundry we see an opportunity for companies to prepare for when things pick up again. Now is the time to ensure you data is validated, cleansed and enhanced, ready to work hard for you.

While Data Laundry advocate that you should focus on prevention rather than cure, our 1-10-100 rule states you are better to spend $1 on ensuring data is validated and clean before it goes into your CRM or Marketing Automation platform, we also believe that spending some budget on validating, cleaning and enhancing the data, already in the platform, will give you a 10X return on investment.

CRM Data Validation.

This is important to ensure the contact, or the company record in the CRM is legitimate. Most sources of data currently in CRM systems like, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot or ZohoCRM for example is either created by the sales team or comes from an inbound lead via a lead form. In some cases a respondent will use ‘fake’ data or personal data to disguise who they are – a person email address over a business email for example. By validating your data you can weed out the fakes, and find the true identity of your prospect.

CRM Data Cleaning

Fat fingers’ and lack of data standards can render the data in your CRM unusable for marketing campaigns. While you may have a large database, you may not be able to use a large percentage due to missing data, incorrectly keyed data or lack of upper and lower case for example to really personalise your communication.

Cleaning and deduping the data in your CRM will improve your marketing campaign performances, will make your sales team a lot happier and will save you significant costs to fix mistakes once they have happened.

CRM Data Enhancement.

The final step in the process is to enhance the data that you have. Lead forms need to balance the number of fields to capture data verses the response rate. Too many fields will reduce your response rates, not enough fields will give you a flood of leads, but the quality will be suspect.

The best way to find out what the right balance is to test and learn. Try different combinations, and see what your response rate is. Data Laundry is able to enhance data you currently have by appending additional data points like demographics, industry, revenue, number of employees, through to contact data like education and social profiles for example.

We can append over 160 different data points to enhance your data, and improve your conversion rates through sales.

If you would like to see how you can make your business and data better, contact Data Laundry. Call us on +65 85908502, or email