How often are you wowed or would you give 10 out of 10 for something you’ve bought? This could be a product purchase online, a plumber fixing the taps, or even a bank loaning experience. Really is it more than half, less than half, or rarely? Do you feel they valued your relationship?

Seeing it on the flip side, all of us who work have customers, right?! How often do you feel deeply enamored to each individual transaction and know the impact on that person’s life? More than half, less than half, or rarely? Did you value the relationship?

“I believe customer relationships matter”. No matter what industry or what role you play or how removed you are from the end customer, I invite everyone to give more to growing relationships between you and your customer!


Jeff Bezos of amazon talks about how relationships with your people and customers should be “obsessive” if you want to keep vitality, discover new areas of value, and ultimately have fun!

Naomi Simpson of Red Balloon states your people are your biggest asset for growth, however is it the relationships between your people and your customers which makes the bigger asset?

Simon Sinek, a global top 10 Ted talker, says long enduring relationships are built on starting with a why that is bigger than yourself. People connect and follow a relationship with your “Why”, not “What” you do. So what type of relationship are you going to focus on?

So once again, I invite you to make growing customer relationships a priority!


Putting your people first – at Marketsoft we over invest in our people with huge flexibility in working locations, plenty of random days off, and regular adventures to places even like the Kokoda trail.

Personalise everything you do – social media like linkedIn and email are tools I use daily to get a lot closer and meaningful with my customers. I know others use Facebook as their core tool.

Personalise at scale – start opening your understanding of technology and the new global trends in real time decisioning and modern customer data platform that are finally starting to solve true personalisation.  Add in machine learning and you are now getting obsessive with your customer relationships just like me!