Digital Transformation or Digital Dawinism

Digital Transformation or Digital Dawinism

The numbers behind the COVID-19 outbreak are staggering and heartbreaking, each day we are witness to new peaks. On the business side, there is no difference, across countries and industries, most companies are feeling the impact of the Coronavirus on the bottom line.

There is a glimmer of hope in some segments, food delivery for example is experiencing massive gains, along with furniture and office supplies, online gambling, as well as online music, gaming & apps. While other segments like gym and fitness is experiencing a 96% decrease in spending, retail is also reeling with significant decreases in spend.

Before COVID-19, the imperative to change business models to a more digitally driven, was there, but the agenda and timetable for change didn’t seem to be high on many organisations priorities list. Solid revenue streams seem to counter any need to off-set or diversify into other areas, and then along came COVID-19 and in an instant changed that need.

This cartoon by Tom Fishborne – aka Marketoonist, aptly describes where we are today.

So what exactly do we mean by digital transformation? A quick Google search will tell you there are four steps, fives steps, six stages, seven areas, eight phases of digital transformation, depending on the author.

I believe one framework which delivers positive outcomes for business focuses on three areas; developing a Digital Strategy, gaining Operational Dexterity and expanding the Digital footprint. Within this framework are a number of steps you can take to achieve success. These steps revolve around people, data, technology and change.

Data Laundry Digital Transformation Framework

Over the years we have helped a number of organisations drive digital transformation in their business; whether it’s enhancing a bricks & mortar retail to eCommerce or connecting data across digital channels to provide a more engaging experience and creating the elusive single customer view.

The success of our work has been amplified when adoption of the transformation is organization wide, from the C-Suite to the sales associates and customer service agents, and that’s why we spend as much time on change management as we do on digital transformation.

How are you managing the change that COVID-19 has made in your industry?

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