1-10-100 rule for CRM Management

1-10-100 rule for CRM Management

Are you familiar with the 1-10-100 rule? The rule states that it costs $1 to verify a record as it enters your CRM system or Marketing Automation platform, $10 to clean and de-dupe it once it is in the platform, and $100 if you do nothing, the consequences of doing nothing can include, emails being blocked by ISP’s, sales teams spending time contact wrong people, or people who have left, blow out on marketing budget due to increase spend on SaaS subscriptions and CPM that bounces.

There are 3 things that Data Laundry does for clients right now to help manage the 1-10-100 rule.

1/. Validate data before it goes into a CRM. We do this using some cool technology but ensuring ‘Fort Knox’ type security. We can validate email addresses, phone numbers, contact titles and roles, plus a number of other key criteria, to help you target better, and keep your data clean before it goes into your CRM as a marketing qualified or sales accepted lead.

2/. Less is more. Some of the commercial platforms are priced per record stored. Data Laundry will dedupe your current Marketing Automation or CRM platform to remove duplicate records, or merge records to create one complete record. This can save you thousands per year in subscription fees, but more importantly, give you a clean dataset to support your sales & marketing efforts.

3/. Look beyond the response. Your lead form can only contain a limited number of fields to capture key information about the prospect, the more fields you have the less response you get. Data Laundry uses some cool technology to look beyond the response and find out more about your prospect. This additional information is provided back using ‘Fort Knox’ grade security, to give your sales team the full picture on the prospect and help reduce the sales cycle with a faster path to conversion.