Large brands admitting data quality is a major gap in disruption and growth plans

Large brands admitting data quality is a major gap in disruption and growth plans

Do you observe technology initiatives are now sprinkled in all corners of your strategic plans? A distinct contrast to 10 years prior?

When addressing your team or wider business around you, are you expected to talk the technical language and distil technology concepts as an expert?

Is there a sense you have most of the puzzle pieces, however, there are still gaps of unknown and potentially large consequence?

A few observations…

Even large global technology companies are realising a fundamental gap in their technology stack. This gap or glue that ties them all together is simply data, or often more specifically data quality.

We are hiring plenty of technical people that can pull data across multiple Hadoop sources and create massive data sets in our stacks, however, are we realising the old adage, rubbish in rubbish out is slowing our abilities?

We are also hiring plenty of analytical people to drive insights and actions from the data, however once again the glue to draw out trustworthy meaning on these insights is commonly lacking.

Given this is such a widespread challenge, then why are the solutions not readily available?

Perhaps we need to look closer at the three driving forces behind most business decisions – prioritisation, budget, and people?

Therefore actions to consider…

Find the people feeling the most pain in meeting targets or challenges from disruption. Often data becomes a priority.

Allocate adequate budget on data quality in line with the pain identified amongst your team. Token funding often leads to partial and disappointing results.

Finally, finding the right people and expertise partners is critical. Data quality is hard to navigate and requires expertise to remove the consequence from your puzzle!